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    Default Lewd Acts With a Child Under 14 - Whether or Not to Plea Bargain

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    My husband has been charged with 3 counts of 288(a) for lewd acts with a child under 14. He has also been charged with 3 counts of 311.4(c) for taking naked pictures of a child under 14. The police department has him on tape in a 'pre-text' call admitting to me what he did and also stating he has a problem because he was molested as a child. They also have various other evidence against him.

    The district attorney has offered him 3 years prison on 1 count with having to serve 85% of it. His public defender has not let him accept the plea bargain. Would it be wise to just take the plea bargain or risk getting more time by not taking the plea bargain?

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    Default Re: Should He Accept a Plea Bargain

    Nobody here can really tell you what your husband should or shouldn't do.

    He should be discussing it with his attorney - and if he's not satisfied with his PD, he needs to get a private attorney.

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    Default Re: Should He Accept a Plea Bargain

    His attorney, who has the MOST knowledge about the case, as well as the sentencing habits of the local judges and the community standards, is really the ONLY one who should be answering that question.

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