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    Default Did the Hughes Amendment, 18 U.S.C. 922(O), Actually Pass

    Over the past 48 hours the firearms forums in the US have been abuzz with the news that 18 U.S.C. 922(o), aka the "Hughes Amendment" to the Firearm Owner's Protection Act, aka "the machine gun ban", may not have actually been passed. While rumors have abounded that the vote failed - and the House floor at the time of the vote was pretty chaotic - there was no real proof of whether or not it did (other than the Congressional record) without video footage.

    After searching for several years to no avail, video of the vote for the House session was finally found tucked away in the Library of Congress. A few gun owners donated the necessary funds to retrieve a copy and submitted the request for the footage late last year. That footage hit the internet this week.

    Here is the raw footage of the vote on the amendment:
    VTA0236 1 of 2
    VTA0236 2 of 2
    VTA0237 1 of 2
    VTA0237 2 of 2

    and here is an excerpt reel of just the highlights:

    I am not an expert of the Rules of Congress or Robert's Rules of Order, nor are most folks I know. After watching the footage, the question that everyone is asking is "Did the Hughes amendment pass due to Parlimentarian tricks by Rep Rangel, or are we dealing with the engrossment of an amendment that never passed?"

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    Default Re: Did the Hughes Amendment, 18 U.S.C. 922(O), Actually Pass

    I'm sure the videos would be a lot of fun to watch, but....

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    Default Re: Did the Hughes Amendment, 18 U.S.C. 922(O), Actually Pass

    Sorry gun nuts. It's a valid law. There are a number of problems. First even with a parliamentary gaff on the vote, that point would have needed to be made at the time. Furhter, the vote in question was not of the House but the Committee of the whole. That just lays the ground work. The whole bill (including all the amendments) was voted and passed by the house and they tabled any reconsideration. If even one member had spoken up at that point, they could have asserted that the amendment wasn't proper. But nobody did. That much makes it official. It went on and was adopted by the Senate and signed by President Reagan.

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