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    Default Auto Title Loan Gone Bad

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Arizona
    My daughter took out a $350 title loan on her car.
    She was current on her payments. She got her car impounded for driving with a suspended license. My daughter got her license reinstated and called the impound lot to make arrangements to pick up her car. the impound lot told her that the title loan company had already picked up the car. She called the title loan company and they told her sorry, you should have kept everything legal. Your car is disposed and there is nothing you can do about it. In her contract it states that she has 10 days to pay the fees and pick up her car if they repossess it. Unfortunately we had no way to know that they had picked up the car. They said that the car was in "jeopardy" and that they had the right to pick it up. Is this true and do I have any legal recourse?

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    Default Re: Auto Title Loan Gone Bad

    I have no access to the contract. I suggest that your daughter have it reviewed by a local attorney.

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