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    Default U.S. Forest Service Used Mail in Ticket Fraud

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina /US Postal Inspector

    I want to file a formal request to the US Postal Inspector in Charlotte, North Carolina to investigate my complaint regarding mail fraud by the United States Forest Service and the US Department of Justice when they altered the facts and the actual charges in a ticket which they mailed to me using the US Postal Service.

    The Forest Service acted in retribution for my having prosecuted trespassing bear hunters and staged a sting to charge me with "hunter harassment". I did ask this hunter/officer to leave and stop stalking us by our home. However the ticket was written for 36 CFR 261.8a (collecting bird eggs), carried a $75 fine, and was later dismissed. This ticket was later altered with "Harassment of hunters" written in above the Offense. Five months later, after meeting with the FS officers and the Assistant US Attny., who said he would investigate the case further and dismiss the bird egg collection ticket, I received another ticket in the mail for 36CFR 261.10d (Blocking a Forest Service Road). This misdemeanor ticket did not offer any fine to be paid but demanded appearance in court which resulted in a fine of over $3,800 The facts were altered in the newest ticket to indicate that I was far more aggressive. In fact I am disabled and walk with a cane, am 5'2" tall and the officer was armed and over 6' tall. The gestures he added to and altered the newest ticket with were merely my pointing out my property line to him and not in any way my making aggressive finger pointing gestures at him. I am not aggressive and he did not represent the truth of the situation and only added this after the fact to alter the ticket.

    I feel the mail was used to deliver an altered and untrue ticket that is part of an ongoing conspiracy scheme between the local bear hunters, their personal friends, the USFS Officers , and the US Attorney, to illegally take my land and which scheme was initiated in retribution for my legal prosecution of confessed criminals who conspired with the USFS to gain illegal access and to trespass on my land. My question is does using the mail to issue an altered fraudlent ticket to replace a dismissed ticket rise to the level of mail fraud and should I be able to ask the US Postal Inspector to intervene?

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    Default Re: U.S. Forest Service Used Mail in Ticket Fraud

    If you want to dispute the charges, hire a lawyer, plead not guilty and (if you can't get a satisfactory resolution in advance of trial) go to trial.

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