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    Exclamation Cancer Patient Son Lives with Mother, 2 Medical Neglect Reports

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Texas/Oklahoma

    Currently my stepson is a cancer patient. He is from Texas, however his mother moved him to Oklahoma, and jurisdiction is due to change Feb 1. The hospital he is being treated in for his cancer has just notified my husband of a second CPS report on the mother - there is one in Texas, and now one in Oklahoma. Currently my husband (father) and the mother have joint managing conservatorship, however she has primary residence. She is also currently living with a convicted felon who has records in both states. He is currently on parole in Texas, however he is violating that parole by living in Oklahoma. He has been arrested 4 times since moving in with the child, and currently has an active bench warrant and felony warrant out for him. Since the report to CPS, and the warrants being issued, they have now gone back across state lines into Texas and are staying with a friend, and at this point, my step son has missed school due to this recent issue.

    the medical neglect is due to failure to bring him to his appointments as he is a cancer patient. He has missed critical scans for the last 2 years, and even though she is court ordered to maintain insurance, there has been a lapse in insurance coverage, and to date, we are unsure if he even has coverage. My husband is able to provide coverage for him, however she refuses to give him his sons social security number or other id records so that he can provide his son coverage.

    we are currently looking for opinions and information as we are trying to get the primary residence changed. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Cancer Patient Son Lives with Mother, 2 Medical Neglect Reports

    Frankly your husband needs an attorney - tomorrow morning.

    I'm sorry - I'm not being obtuse, but I think your husband's situation is too complex for a message board.

    Good luck to your stepson.
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    Default Re: Cancer Patient Son Lives with Mother, 2 Medical Neglect Reports

    The short version of what he needs to do is go to court in the state and court with jurisdiction over the custody issues, and petition the court to modify custody from mom to him. Most people seeking a change of custody do benefit from being represented by a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Cancer Patient Son Lives with Mother, 2 Medical Neglect Reports

    thank you both. Yes, we are in contact with an attourney, and he has agreed to represent my husband. I figured that would be the route to take, but i am always looking to learn, and grow by other's experiences, educations, and opinions. thank you both very much!

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