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    Default Verizon Policies on Stolen Property

    If a Verizon phone is reported stolen, and brought in to Verizon attempting to get it reactivated by said thief (or individual who had bought it from the thief), the company will simply tell them the phone is stolen and return it to the person who brought it in. As or today (Jan 23) the cheapest phone they sell is $190; the company is nation wide and this happens numerous times a day every day.

    Is there not some law requiring them to confiscate or at least report this? As I am aware there is a law requiring pawn shops to take action in similar circumstances, does it legally apply here as well? if not is there any laws in relation to them handling stolen property and failing to take any action?

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    Default Re: Verizon Policies on Stolen Property

    Private individuals, including those who work for private companies, even pawn shops, have no legal authority to confiscate private property, even private property that may be stolen. They have the ABILITY to notify authorities, but are under no legal obligation to do so. They protect themselves by refusing to activate service. On a practical level, how many people do you think would stick around the store when the clerk says "we can't activate that stolen phone, hang on while I notify the police"?

    Even pawnbrokers don't just confiscate items from the potential pawner and refuse to return it - what they do is report items they actually accept into pawn to local law enforcement, either because of local/state laws that mandate that they do so in order to maintain licensing, or, because in their own self interest they want to protect their profits by not dealing in stolen property.

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    Default Re: Verizon Policies on Stolen Property

    Verizon won't even delve into the situation. They will merely refuse to activate a phone that is reported stolen or has an unpaid bill associated with it. They don't know if the phone reported is actually stolen or not (they take the word of their customer). It's a far cry from pawn shops as Catherine points out.

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