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    Default Providing Alcohol to Minors While on Probation, Possible Statutory Rape

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI

    Ok so two nights ago my friend asked me if i wanted to hang out with some girls, there were 4 of them 2 of us, my friend is 17, im 19. Now I had no idea how old these girls were, all I knew was that i was a little drunk and they all started making out with eachother. So anyway, I bought some alcohol from a store that sells to me. And we drank it all that night. While dropping them off, I was in the back of my friends truck fingering and making out with one of them, and my friend was in the front with one of them. The next day my friend gets a text saying they were 14 and 15. I had no idea because it was the first time i met them. They were pretty well developed and everything. So anyway, last night around 10:30 I get a call from her mom saying that her daughter is wasted and she heard I bought alcohol for her 2 nights ago. I told her im 19, I cant even buy, and she started saying shes going to the cops and her suggestion to me would be to never talk to her daughter again, I said ok, I didnt even plan on talking to her again. Then i said im very sorry and dont go to the cops about me because im already on probation, she said good you should be back in the slammer for what you did to my daughter... I was like well ive never been to jail, and what did I do to your daughter? then she said it again, yelled some more stuff and hung up, I was calm the entire time.

    Im already on probation for a host ordinance party and serving alcohol to minors. What am I looking at here? Could I get another serving alcohol to minors and a statutory rape charge? Am I going to jail?

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    Default Re: So What Charges Am I Looking at and What Could Possibly Happen

    You could be looking at another serving charge as well as 750.145 (felony 4yr max prison) or CSC 3rd Degree (felony with a maximum sentence of 15 yrs) addition to having your probation revoked on the original charge. These are serious charges if the mom does report it...look at this as a wake up call to a. stop furnishing alcohol to minors and b. stop fooling around with strange girls unless you KNOW they are of legal age. Not knowing is NOT a defense when sex and minors are concerned.

    It sounds like maybe mom was just venting after catching her daughter wasted....but you never know. At the same time, don't worry until there is something to worry Officer Lock U. Up knocking on your door.

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