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    Default Telling the Truth to the Police After Lying About Domestic Violence

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    My boyfriend and I have been living together for 4 years. Over a year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer which immediately threw me into a downward spiral of depression and anger. As a result, I became impossible, mean and vicious...fights became a weekly occurrance at our house. Over the holidays we had a fight that went too far. Long story a little shorter...I screamed, he yelled, I broke things, he told me to pack my things, I continued with my rage, tripped hitting my cheek on a box, neighbors called the police, the police came, I had a bruise so I said he hit me. He went to jail, had to bond out, and now there is a 60 day protective order stating he can't come within 1000 feet of HIS house as well as pending charges. He has never hit me and feel terrible for lying. What can I do to get him out of this and what will happen to me when I finally tell the truth?

    Scared to death.

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    Default Re: Telling the Truth to the Police After Lying About Domestic Violence

    They will likely regard you in the same manner in which they regard the 99.9% of retractions from domestic violence victims - the overwhelming number who lie about an actual incident of domestic violence to try to get charges dropped against their batterers.

    Your husband should discuss the facts of his case and your proposed retraction with his lawyer.

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