My question involves a condominium located in the State of: Florida (South Florida.

We learned that there is a Florida Statute (718.111) that indicates that condo association managers have the "irrevocable right" to enter units in case of emergency or mainteinance procedures.

Our condo association is asking for us to give them a copy of our key.

We feel unsafe giving them a copy of the key. They claimed that they'll keep it under lock and key, but when we saw it, it is only stored among everyone else's keys in what looks like a chocolate box, in the drawer of the main desk of the condo office. And there's quite a lot of mainteinance people coming in and out of the office, which just makes us worry that anyone has access to the keys.

We want to bring this issue up to the association; however, I cannot find any laws about keeping these folks accountable for safeguarding the keys. Is there any precedent or law that can ensure the safety of access to my home?

I have heard horror stories about people having a break-in and not being able to file a theft report because there are actually no signs of forced entry (because the thief had the key!). I am hoping this is not a storm in a glass of water, any help will be appreciated.

- maryjfl