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    Unhappy Disputing the speed claimed on a speeding ticket

    OK , so I'm 19.
    I KNOW for sure I wasn't going nowhere near in the 80MPH zone and that's why I'm tryign to figure out if it's worth going to court or not.
    I got my licence last year..and I have another speeding ticket of 5MPH over and another one for 10MPH over..BOTH of them I knew it was my fault so I just paid them, but now with a 3rd one I can't afford the points on the record since I got my greencard interview on Aug 3rd and WILL grately affect me and also I got a big chance to get my dl suspended.
    I just bought a car 2 weeks ago, and today I decided to bring it in the shop beucase my spedo is not working at ALL it won't move from 0MPH mark.
    I was driving and going to a automotive shop and I get pulled over.
    The cop writes me a speeding ticket of 88MPH in a 55MPH!
    He said he got me going on this small downhill part going 88MPh and then slowed down to 65MPH when I passed him.( he was comming from the opp trafic direction).
    Right before he got me on the radar I passed thru a construction zone with stop and go traffic with 1 lane open only (10MPH max), but I got to be the 1 car in line. 1000 feet later it's this downhill part, BUT CONSIDERING I was going 10MPH thru the construction zone IT's almost impossible for me to go 1000 feet latter 88MPH like that.
    Also my car has only 4 speeds(manual) and the 5th is damaged for months ,and won't go in it at all. I took the car on my friends back alley and topped it out in 4th GEAR...only 75-76MPH limited by the cars COMPUTER.
    THAT"S WHAT really got me MADDD...I couldn't go 88MPH because my car won't go that fast in only 4th GEAR, and 5th is DAMAGED!
    1st thing when he pulled me over I said to him that I'm heading twards an automotive shop to get the car fixed. Next he asked me what's in the black box on the pass. seat..and I showed him the cars toolbox and repeaded that I'm heading to the shop.
    The other thing is that I was going downhill , and the cop was SOOO FAR AWAY in front of me, and I would like to know how far can those radars get an accurate reading...I think he was more then half a mile infront of me!
    When I got the ticket the cop got called on a mission, and I wanted to ask him more questions abt the ticket but he said I got 10 days to contact the court and he left.
    What could I possibly do in this case??
    I'm pretty desperate, because I work 3rd shifts , and I'll be starting college this fall AND I NEED my car and my drivers licence to comute every day.
    Any advice will be grately apreciated.

    Also on the ticket it says in the description: Speed 88/55
    and offense code:8052
    I looked the code up in the class. of traffic violations and code 8052 says:
    "Exceeded freeway speed limit-car towing trailer-627(5) " what is up with that?? I didn't had no trailer.

    I forgot to add that the ticket was received in Michigan, and I live in MI also.

    Anybody there?? any suggestions ???
    What could I ask for/do in court so I don't get the 4 points on my record?

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