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    Exclamation Agreement to Get Personal Belongings

    My question involves divorce in the State of: Alabama

    My divorce decree states "It is further ORDERED, ADJUDGED and DECREED that the personal property will be divided by agreement."

    My ex and I agreed that I was going this Saturday to get my personal belongings from his parent's house (where we used to live) and he was coming to get his personal belongings from my mother's house (where we used to live) on the 29th. He sent me a text a little bit ago asking what time I was coming and who I was bringing with me. I told him I didn't know what time I was coming and who I was bringing just yet. He text back and said that he doesn't want my boyfriend (of a year) to help me move my belongings. My ex said "You can bring richard, your grandfather, your uncle or dareck. Sorry". Richard is my mother's boyfriend who I have no relationship with I am not asking him to help me get my belongings. My grandfather is not physically capable of moving furniture. I have no relationship with my mother's brother, not close enough to ask him to help me move my belongings. And dareck (Derek is how it is spelled btw) is my cousin who I only talk to or see on holidays yet again no relationship there to ask him to help me move my belongings. And btw we aren't talking about just across town, we are talking about a two and a half hour ride just to get there to move everything. I text him back and tell him that I don't guess I will be getting my belongings this weekend and he isn't getting his next weekend. He text back and said "And yes im coming to get my stuff next weekend even if i have to get my attorney to get a writ warrant and have a sheriff escort me. And my stuff better be in the shape it was left. Cuz i haven't touched any of yours."

    I was a stay at home mother for our entire marriage (8 years) and had no money for an attorney to represent me in the divorce. I need advice on what to do!! How is it fair that he can get his stuff and I can't get mine!?!?

    I talked to the sheriff's office in my county and he said that if it were in my county they would let me get my belongings. I called the sheriff's office in his county and they aren't going to help me unless I have a court order.

    I am sorry this was so long but I had to explain everything. Any guidance/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: Agreement to Get Personal Belongings

    Why didn't you tell the truth when he asked who was coming with you if you knew you were going to take your boyfriend?

    What makes you believe you have the right to refuse him access to his property merely because you're mad at him?

    As your property is at your former in-laws' home, why aren't you able to collect your property with their permission as opposed to your ex's?

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