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    Default Driving with Suspended License, Registration Expiration, and No Insurance

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: New York.

    Hello, I moved from California (license expired) to New York. I got pulled over for DUI, got sentenced early 2009 under a 6 month probation. I was convicted and was instructed to take stop DUI classes and DDP classes to reinstate my license.

    I am almost done with DUI classes, have been in full compliance, and is set to be done late February. I am going to begin taking DDP classes soon as well. End of December 2010, it was raining / pouring, and I was going to go to the grocery store, mistook a turn, and ended up in the highways. During the drive, I got pulled over by a State trooper due to my registration being expired. Upon review, he indicated that my license is suspended. However, he was in a "rush to get back to the post", and instead of towing my car, he cited three tickets to me: 1) driving without license, 2) expired car registration, and 3) no insurance on the car.

    I am instructed to plead guilty or fight the case by end of February. My questions are: (i) what are the chances of me going to jail; (ii) how much will fines most likely be; (iii) will there likely be any other ramifications?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Driving with Suspended License, Registration Expiration, and No Insurance

    Whether or not the court will send you to jail depends in no small part on the policies of the local prosecutor and court. If you weren't on probation your odds of avoiding jail would be much better. I suggest consulting a local criminal defense lawyer.

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