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    Default Workers comp and negligence by insurance company

    i was wondering if it is possible to sue the workers comp insurance co for neglegence? my husband has been on workers comp for going on 7 yrs now.....hes had 6 surgery's and with each one there was supposed to be physical therapy, which the insurance co has denied....i was just wondering, we do currently have an attorney...his plate is full, and i felt maybe i could get a better and quicker answer to this situation...needless to say he is in constant pain, and they just keep giving him medication...? is there anything that we can do? thanks for hearing in California , im sure that doenst help.. :roll:

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    Default Bad Faith Conduct by Insurance Company

    There probably is not a negligence claim; you can ask your lawyer for clarification under the facts of your case. If an employee doesn't like the way an insurance company is handling a claim, it is possible to litigate the claim. Is that what your lawyer is doing?

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    hi Aaron, thanks for responding, i did talk to my hubs lawyer today...the insurance co is going to try and settle his case, our lawyer is going to go for physical theapy in court, the lawyer says that once the judge goes over all the years of surgery and sees there was no proper amount of theapy givin , that the ball may be in our court, hopefully.....u can never tell...our lawyer is confident that my husband will get the therapy he needs to return to the working world, i think this has been dragged out for too long, and we are soo ready to try and get back our lives.. its soo unfair how this works, we really dont have rights, even though they say we do.. :?

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