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    Default Do Seatbelt Violations Affect Insurance Premiums

    I got a ticket today for not wearing my seatbelt RIGHT before I was about to park. It was the only thing I got a ticket for, and the reason I was pulled over. I got a speeding ticket in August 2009 which I had deferred. My question is, do seatbelt tickets get reported to insurance in Washington State? I am not sure if I should contest or mitigate the ticket...Also, what is usually the window of time that you cannot get another ticket before the deferred one is reported to insurance? I'm not sure if it is 1 year or 2 years. Any help would be great!! Thanks so much

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    Default Re: Do Seatbelt Violations Affect Insurance Premiums

    Stuff like this is often answered on the DMV website.
    Quote Quoting Does a Notice of Infraction for violation of the seat belt law go on my driving record?
    Yes, but it is not made available to insurance companies. This violation is like any other Notice of Infraction. If it is not taken care of properly, your license will be suspended for fail to appear.

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