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    Default What Can I Do for My Girlfriend Who Was Forced to Say Yes to Legal Guardianship

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: NY
    my girlfriend is 22 next month, and about 4 months ago, her adoptive parents coached my girlfriend into saying yes to legal guardianship and she didnt want it. her parents constantly treat her like some 10 year old , and she cant stand it, they are abusive not only to my girlfriend but to me as well, since i met my girlfriend. Her 60 yr old father barges into her room at any given time without even knocking and so does the mother. and they were actually like that before the guardianship as well. and now its gotten to the point where shes not allowed to even leave the house at 22 years old. what can a judge do to take away the parents rights and give my girlfriend more , if anything if her parents are her legal guardian , does she still have full rights herself as a us citizen, and will her rights win over her parents wishes? Take for example they take a restraining order out on someone, to keep away from their daughter, is it still my girlfriends word against theirs?

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    Default Re: What Can I Do for My Girlfriend Who Was Forced to Say Yes to Legal Guardianship

    You're talking about a court-ordered guardianship, based upon what? Developmental disability, mental illness, physical illness, drug addiction....

    If you're talking about court-ordered guardianship, she's free to petition the court to terminate or modify the guardianship.

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