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    Default Receiving SSD Benefits While Out of the Country

    My mother is 55 years old and currently receiving Social security disability benefits.(She get's her checks direct deposited to her bank, Chase.) She is leaving the country and may be out for 3 months. I know that she is supposed let Social security know if she will be out for more than 30 days. My questions is:

    Q: How will she be able to receive her monthly check from SSD while she's in another country? I read on the Social security website that they are able to send the checks to the beneficiary even if they are outside the country. Are the checks mailed? or are they done through direct deposit only?

    I am worried if the checks are mailed because she will be going to a country where the mailing system is very poor. Is there any way my mother can get her checks through direct deposit like she is now..I don't know how the system works. I'd very much appreciate any help.

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: Receiving SSD Benefits While Out of the

    Lots of very helpful information right here

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    Default Re: Receiving SSD Benefits While Out of the

    Is she a US citizen?

    What country is she going to?

    Are you sure this is SSDI and not SSI?

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