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    Default Are There Laws Limiting the Penalty on Lease Breakage

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Maryland

    Is there any Maryland state law that limits the penalty imposed by a property owner incase of early termination of lease agreement? I am being asked to pay 2 month notice and 2 month lease breakage fine. This totals to $3500. What to do?

    Also property owner is not allowing me to sublease my apartment. Even though this clause is not mentioned in lease document. What can I do?

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    Default Re: Are There Laws Limiting the Penalty on Lease Breakage

    If you negotiate a settlement, the settlement is what you've negotiated.

    If you don't negotiate a settlement, you could potentially be liable for rent for the remainder of the lease term. Your landlord must make a reasonable effort to re-lease your unit and your liability for continuing rent would end when the new lease starts - assuming the rent is the same or higher than what you were paying. Note that in a multi-unit complex with several vacancies, they can rent out all other available units before renting out yours and still be deemed to have acted reasonably.

    If your lease forbids subletting, that's what you agreed when you signed the lease. If you have located a suitable replacement tenant, you're free to propose that person as a tenant to your landlord who can take over the apartment on a new lease.

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