My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Illinois

I have about $100,000 in student loans about $80,000 in private and $17,000 in federal. My question is in regards to the private loans, I stopped paying my loans about 2 years ago after losing my job and then filed for bankruptsy shortly after. Now I am trying to get things back in order but my private student loans were sold to another company and they said they could settle for $37,000. I can not afford to pay the $37,000. Then they said that I could pay $800 a month but interest is being charged every dayand that it basically won't make a difference if I can't make the $35,000 in full (which is basically like throwing money away). I can't even afford the $800 a month. What should I do? Is there any kind of action that I can take? Will they garnish my wages? Please help