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    Default New York State Court Rules

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: NY (NOT NYC)

    I am creating a Discovery for a Consumer Credit Summons, and trying to figure out what Court Rules in NY apply to me being able to send a Discovery to the Plantiff for more information. I found the link below, but what would I reference? Rules 11 & 13? Not really sure what a preliminary conference is or if I am in the wrong place.


    Sorry... forgot the link I was referencing.

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    Default Re: New York State Court Rules

    Are you involved with a case as a plaintiff or defendant & are wondering about normal interrogatories or production of documents?

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    Default Re: New York State Court Rules

    Start here and try to find the rules for the court you are in - see also, for example, these rules - you know what court you are in, but we don't. Also, check for local court rules.

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