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    Unhappy Payee Representative for My Son

    My son receives SSI. He has lived in and out of group homes, family care homes, Psychiatric Institute for a short time, and with me over several years. The social security worker for my son now wants me to get several pieces of information for her that I have already given and that they already have. Such as dates my son moved in a group home and moved out of that group home, and the dates of everywhere else he has lived, what he earned on his job, if we shop together and cook meals together. etc. etc. etc. They have all of that info already. Why do I need to do this again? I work full time and my son lives with me now and this is really stressing me out. What can I do? It seems they can do and ask whatever they want and no one can question it. Alot of the info they are asking for (that they already have), is from before I became my son's payee representative. Yes, I can get that for them. It will take alot of leg work and phone calls. But they already have it. I even asked the worker why I have to send in paystubs again for months that they already have received. She said she can't find them. That's not my fault and, to be perfectly honest with you, I feel like we are being harassed by them. I could write a book about what they have done to us. And money they kept that my son was entitled to. But try as we might to make our point, they say they are right. I can't afford a lawyer. My financial resources are limited. Please can you give me any answer as to what their responsibilities and mine are when it comes to information they need AGAIN. She also told me on during our phone appt. that if any of the info is not correct it is perjery and I can go to jail. Now on top of everything else I am going through, she adds the fear of jailtime. Please help!

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    Default Re: Payee Representative for My Son

    Sounds like the claims representative is doing a formal redetermination of eligibility for income, resources and living arrangements to verify that the information previously provided was correct in order to determine is payment was correct or not in the past. The previous commissioner of Social Security put this workload on hold for several years and SSA has thousands of SSI recipients who have not had this review in three, four, seven years.

    When he lives with you, in order for SSI to determine his payment, they do require information about your household expenses for food and shelter. This is routine for SSI. It is part of determining his payment. SSI recipients who do not pay their fair share of household expenses for food and shelter do not get the same amount of SSI as recipients who do pay their fair amount of food and shelter. And it is part of the redetermination process to update and verify that information.

    Not sure what you think that was kept that your son was entitled to. If you don't understand that this redetermination is required, then I have some doubts that you really understand the SSI program. Where your son lives and the circumstances around that living arrangement can and do impact the amount of money the law says he is eligible to receive. You may not like that, but the local office is REQUIRED to do these redeterminations.

    Managing pay stubs is a continual problem in SSA, I will grant you that. Wages are supposed to be reported monthly (especially if the wages change monthly which is almost everyone). SSA has access to W-2 info but not until the year AFTER the wages are earned and by then it is way too late to correctly pay the SSI benefits for last year. There is also a quarterly reporting system and if the wages reported by the SSI recipient don't match the quarterly state reported wages (which are also reported way too late to make a correct SSI payment) then your local office may have to request the wages a second time to figure out what was done wrong the first time. And in this era of electronic records, there is no paper file to refer to, no copy of the pay stub filed away somewhere.

    There is a newer telephone wage reporting system that shows great promise. You call the number the first six days of the month and talk to a computer. If what you tell the computer later matches what comes in on the quarterly state report, that is considered sufficient.

    The perjury statement is required to be read to you so that your signature is not needed on the electronic file. The worst the agency can do to you is stop the checks and send an overpayment notice. Jail time is highly, highly unlikely.

    Here is a link to the Table of Contents on the redetermination chapter.

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    Default Re: Payee Representative for My Son

    I appreciate your quick feedback. I know you are right. But it seems redundant. They ask for the same info over and over again for the same dates. I called this morning and was told that she didn't have it because what she needed is in another office. The previous worker is no longer employed by SSA and she has no way of obtaining the papers I sent to the previous worker at the other office. So I am working on this and intend to get more organized with my paperwork. Thanks again. Trish

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