My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Pennsylvania

My brother used my personal information to open a credit card account, i never gave him permission. I knew nothing about this until i got a letter from a debt collection company. I told the debt collection company i knew nothing about this and that it was fraud. I followed the standard procedure, filed a police report, placed a fraud alert and such....... The debt collection company found me as not responsible behind the account. The account was cleared from my credit profile and they offered that my brother fill out a resonsible party affidavit. This affidavit claimed that he was the repsonsible party behind the account and that it was his financial responsiblity. However the original creditor will not allow me to claim fraud now because of this affidavit that was filled out. At this point I want the original credit card account cleared from my credit profile as its destroying my credit. Is this possible at this point? If so, how do i go about doing it? I wish i knew before he filled out the affidavit that this was going to happen.