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    Default Lewd and Lascivious Act on a Minor

    My son has been just violated for his probation for " Lewd and Lasivios on a child under 16.

    He was 22 and she who at 14 was living with an adult man when my son met her. When she met my son she stated she was 17 and soon to be 18. Her mother and her never got along. To make a long story short here. The mother pressed charges and my son recieved 10 years of probation. Even though the girl admited it was consensual and she lied about her age. In the state of Florida it does not matter. Period!

    My son did a stupid thing and went to a the Star Wars grand opening held at midnight this past wednesday. His curfew is 10:00 PM. He is a 30 year old man who cannot get a grip on the fact he has been convicted as a sexual offender as he would never hurt a child ever! It was a mistake. Now he has made another and my fears are huge.

    I need some help here. The state of Florida has gone bonkers and rightfully so due to those SOB's who killed those poor little girls. You can't blame the governer for callin for a sexual offender "round up". But my son's life has been nothing but a living hell since his conviction. Tormented by neighbors, lose of jobs and now this! Please can someone help us? I am loosing my sanity over this.

    Thank you,
    A sad mother

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    Default Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

    It would be a good idea for your son to retain a criminal defense lawyer who has a specialization in probation violation hearings.

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