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    Default Revoked Driver's License in Georgia

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Georgia

    My wife recently found out that her driver's license has been revoked. We've called the DMV to find out what happened.

    The DMV indicates that she did not appear in court for a traffic ticket (not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign) in late 2008. She also did not appear at the second court date. The DMV also says that they sent a letter to inform us that her license was revoked in 2010, but it was returned to them by the post office. The address they have on file is our correct mailing address. We're not sure why we didn't get it. They indicated that she must come to court to resolve the situation.

    Before appearing, I wanted to consult the experts here. This is our side of the story. My wife remembers that ticket for the rolling stop. It actually made her angry because she remembers seeing the motorcycle cop that day parked at a residential intersection. She made sure she stopped, and still got ticketed for rolling a sign.

    In any case, she decided to pay the ticket given we had no evidence to back up her story. She called the city of ATL with the ticket number. The city indicated that there was no record of the ticket and that she should call back. She called back maybe 3-4 times in the next three months. The city indicated there was no record of the ticket. The last time she called, the city representative gave her the impression that she was lucky and didn't need to worry about it. That's the last we heard from the city. An additional piece of information was that the court date set on the carbon copy ticket was illegible. She no longer has a copy of that ticket.

    I'm looking for advice on how to best proceed. Our goal is to get her license re-instated immediately. Should we just go to court our statement above? I'm worried that the city will throw on all kinds of other charges (for not appearing in court) when we were never notified after our own good faith attempts to resolve the original ticket.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Revoked Driver's License in Georgia

    The court record will reflect when the ticket was issued and when the court case was commenced. The court record should also reflect how she was served with any notices of proceedings that were issued by the court. I would check the court file to see what's in it.

    Was your wife cited for driving with a revoked license? I assume you would have mentioned that, but that's how a lot of people find out about a suspension.

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    Default Re: Revoked Driver's License in Georgia

    We found out because we were applying for some insurance and the insurer let us know. Thanks for the reply. She's heading to the court tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Revoked Driver's License in Georgia

    Just to close this thread. My wife went to the court yesterday, pleaded no contest, paid a fine of a little less than $400, and was reinstated. There were plenty of people there with similar issues that were resolved in large clusters by those who pleaded guilty, no contest... She didn't see the innocent pleas as they were moved to later in the schedule.

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