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    Default Renter Signed 12 Month Lease and Now Wants to Back Out

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    We have a new tenant that signed a 12 month lease on Dec. 30th, 2010. Tonight she called and said she was backing out of the lease. We received $500 towards the 1st months rent when she first looked at the house. She was scheduled to move in this weekend, Jan. 8th and was then going to pay the balance of the of first months rent then and then a security deposit of $1595 on Jan. 20th. Since we have a 12 month lease signed by her, can we legally hold her responsible for the rent until we are able to rent the place out?

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    Default Re: Renter Signed 12 Month Lease and Now Wants to Back Out

    With the caveat that I don't expect that she'll pay voluntarily and I can't promise she'll pay even if you get a judgment against her, yes, you can seek to hold her responsible for rent during the time you are trying to replace her as a tenant.

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