I woke up this morning to this forwarded email from my ISP
Dear Sir or Madam:

This notice is intended solely for the primary Charter Communications internet service account holder. Someone using this account has engaged in the illegal copying and/or distribution of pornographic movies. This notice may contain the titles of those movies, and therefore may contain text that is offensive to some readers.

Copyright Enforcement Group, LLC, ("We") represent Third Degree. Third Degree owns all right, title and interest to the registered copyrights listed below.

Infringement Title: xxxxxxxx
Infringement File Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Infringement Hash: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Infringement File Size: 1468796445 bytes
Infringement Protocol: BitTorrent
Infringement Timestamp: 2010-12-27 06:25:23 North American Eastern Time
Infringers IP Address: xxxxxxxx
Infringers Port: 57562

The following files were included in the download:
File 1: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
File 2: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You are hereby notified that your unauthorized copying and/or distribution infringes the registered copyrights of Third Degree under the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. 106. In this regard, demand is hereby made that you and all persons using this account immediately and permanently cease and desist the unauthorized copying and/or distribution of the registered copyrights listed in this notice or otherwise owned by Third Degree.

You may also be held liable for monetary damages, including attorney's fees and court costs if a lawsuit is commenced against you. You have until Thursday, February 10, 2011 to access the settlement offer and settle online. To access the settlement offer please visit http://www.copyrightsettlements.com/ and enter Case #: xxxxx and Password: xxxxxx. To access the settlement offer directly please visit https://www.copyrightsettlements.com.

Settlement Information:
Direct Settlement Link: https://www.copyrightsettlements.com/
Settlement Website: http://www.copyrightsettlements.com/

If you fail to respond or settle within the prescribed time period, the claim(s) will be referred to our attorneys for legal action. At that point the original settlement offer will no longer be an option and the amount will increase as a result of us having to involve our attorneys.

Nothing contained or omitted from this correspondence is, or shall be deemed to be either a full statement of the facts or applicable law, an admission of any fact, or waiver or limitation of any of the Third Degree's rights or remedies, all of which are specifically retained and reserved.

The information in this notice is accurate. We have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of herein is not authorized by the registered copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law. We swear under penalty of perjury, that we are authorized to act on behalf of Third Degree.


Dale Spislander
Copyright Enforcement Agent

Copyright Enforcement Group, LLC
This email has gotten me pretty scared since I'm a broke college student and by no means have the money to hire any legal help, but the idea of forking over $125 to these people seems like extortion to me. I have done research online and it seems like this scheme has been more prevalent over the last year or so, but there are no real answers to whether this can actually hold up in court or not.