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    Default Got Caught Shoplifting

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Massachuettes

    I was caught shoplifting at a Hannaford supermarket the other day, I was brought into a room, gave them back the $21 worth of magazines, they did call the police, because of the amount, the cop didnt file anything and let me go with a warning, but i was given a Notice of Criminal Trespass, and once everything was done the sercuity gaurd told me the store may pursue civil against me, and if they did I would reseve a letter in the mail, I'm wondering how long before I might get that latter, and is there a time frame that they have to send it? how much do you think the fine might be? This is my first a fence, I have never even spoken to a cop in a criminal way ever before, I have no arrest, I dont even have unpaid parking tickets, do you think they will take criminal action agaisnt me?Thank you for your help its very much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Got Caught Shoplifting

    This is not a civil procedure issue.

    Post in the proper forum with all the other moron shoplifters.

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    Default Re: Got Caught Shoplifting

    The letter you will receive is a civil demand notice. I can't say an exact amount as that varies by state. I would expect $150+. No time frame, it depends on how many shoplifters their legal department has to handle.

    Criminal Trespass Notice means you are banned from that store, and usually all it's other locations. Enter, and you can be charged with Criminal Trespass, a misdemeanor, even removed from the store in handcuffs.

    Police involvement usually means a court date in your future. Expect court costs and fines, fingerprints, mugshot. Criminal history. You really should talk to a criminal defense lawyer. If you can't afford one, plead "not guilty" and ask for a public defender.

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    Is that true even if the cop came and just gave me a warning, and said if I ever do it again, I will most likely go to court and do all that?? He ran my name through the system, I've never done anythnig unlawful, and I wasnt presented with a court date by the cop, the day it happen. Could i still be given a court date at a later time??

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    Default Re: Got Caught Shoplifting

    From the context of the situation you have described, it sounds like the police officer decided not to charge you. If he had wanted to charge you he would at least have given you a citation, and possibly woud have taken you to jail. The store could still try to ge the prosecutor to press charges, but they don't usually try to go around the police to do that. So, probably, nothing criminal will happen, which means you were very lucky. If you do get a notice to go to court on criminal charges, then the advice given by Pandora's Box on that point applies.

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