My question involves small claims court in the state of: Illinois

On July 15, 2009 I moved into a rental home with my 2 boys age 4 and 1. Not even 2 month later on October 1, 2009 the kitchen cabinets in the home fell of the wall and on to me and my stove where I was cooking at the time. My 1 year old son was in the next room by the door way when the cabinets feel on my. Everything on my stove had splatted everywhere. My 1 year old son suffered 2nd degree burns. Well after my son got out of the hospital I called and let my landlord know what was going on from that point on it was nothing but harassment. I got a lawyer to sue his insurance but they are denying the claim since the landlord told them that he did not install the cabinets which he clearly told me he did. Once we moved out he filed a small claims suit against me and I wanted to know if it is possible for me to sue him for my son's injury, for emotional distress for my family. Harassment. Both of my boys have been deeply affected by this my older son did not want to go to school anymore he wanted to watch his little brother all the time. My son who was burned now acts out and I have as well as other have seen a big change in him. I signed both of my boys up to get counseling but they are on a waiting list. Can I sue him for making our lives pure hell for 11 months.