My question involves court procedures for the state of: Kentucky

I have a court ordered $20K lien on a property of an individual after a traffic accident 20 years ago. Well, evidently the individual died or just abandoned the house and did not pay taxes on it for 10 years. An attorney's office has paid off the taxes and have staked claim on the property. They have submitted paperwork to the courts identifying payments and fees they have incurred (much more than the $2k taxes they paid) and are insisting that they get their money before any other lien holders get paid. Here is a snippet of the paperwork...

...the defendant (me) may be claiming an interest in and to the subject property by virtue of Judgment of Lien in Miscellaneous Lien Book ..... and by virtue of an Affidavit of Descent in Deed Book ...blah blah... both filed in the Office of the Clerk of .... County; said Defendant should be required to come forth and assert its claims or be forever barred.

it also says this, which I think is strange... not sure if they are even talking about me or the original owners...

(Law office) has made demands that the Defendants pay the amounts due under the certificates of delinquency referenced in the paragraphs above, and the Defendants have refused, and continue to ignore said demands.

I know I need to go ahead and hire a lawyer for this, but, is that even worth it? Has this law office completely out cut me from the property?

thanks anyone for their help.