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    Default Grandkids in Foster Care

    My question involves grandparents rights in the State of: Calif
    My two Grandsons are in a foster home together, do I have rights to go visit them just like the parents do ? My Son and Daughter in law don't have a problem with me visiting, I just wanted to know if I have a right like them to go and visit my Grandsons ? The foster Mom has changed so many things since she got them that I don't want to ask her and have her tell me no, I want to know for sure my rights first.

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    Default Re: Grandkids in Foster Care

    Grandparents have limited rights. So go ahead and ask, the worst she can say is no & then you can contact the social worker and discuss it further (I would imagine the foster mom will say no to your visit -- put yourself in her shoes -- what would you say).

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    Default Re: Grandkids in Foster Care

    No, you don't.

    Grandparents have NO inherent rights to visitation or custody in any state.

    You need a court order.

    And for anyone else who responds: Check the post history

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