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    Default No Contact Order - Alleged Victim Will Not Stop Trying to Make Contact

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: RHODE ISLAND

    about a month ago, I was attacked by my x-girlfriend, while I was trying to move out. she turned it all around and said that I attacked her. There was a no contact order issued against me. Since it was issued, I have followed it and have not made any attempts to make contact with her. Since the incident, she has slandered me all over facebook, she has written me numerous threats on facebook, crank called my mother and I on several occasions. So she is basically trying to get a rise or a response from me. Now I left my facebook settings so that anyone could write on my wall, just to prove that she is a psychopath. It has now got to the point where I have blocked her out. But she still made over 100 attempts to bate me into responding with her harassing and threatening remarks. Now my question is, because the no contact order is against me, is she aloud to harass and provoke me on facebook? What steps should I take to show that she is abusing the no contact order?

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    Default Re: No Contact Order - Alleged Victim Will Not Stop Trying to Make Contact

    You are free to petition the court that entered the restraining order to modify it or terminate it, based upon your documentation of her many contacts (which suggest a complete lack of fear of you).

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