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    Default MIP Charge, Minor Passenger Caught Drunk With Alcohol in the Car

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Mass

    Hi, im 15 yrs old turning 16 in 2 weeks and on friday i was really drunk at a party. So i called my friend to give me a ride home because everyone else was really drunk. The driver was not drunk at all, btw he is 19 yeara old. So on the way to my house we got pulled over and the cop told us he had a suspended license starting two days ago, which my friend was unaware of. The cop told us to find a ride home. But it was 4 am and freezing out. He offered to give us a ride home. I was hammered so i agreed to the ride. When the tow truck came the cop asked for the key to the car to givw to the tow truck guy. The cop then proceeds to open the trunk and finds 2 beers that i was unaware about. After the cop drives my friend and I home. And says we will each get a summons to court for minor in possesion of liqour. My mother talked to the cop for an hour on the phone, i dont know what was said. And i havent got the police report yet. Can someone please tell what will go on in court? Thank you very much! Btw i have never been in trouble in my life.

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    Default Re: Can My MIP in Mass Be Dissmissed or What

    The result for a first offense is a minor fine, but it will give you a criminal record. Some courts will give you an option of some classes and community service to avoid having a record. Suggest to your parents that you consult with a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Can My MIP in Mass Be Dissmissed or What

    If youíre convicted of being a minor in possession of alcohol, your right to operate will automatically be suspended for 90 days, in addition to any other penalties. This may delay you getting a learnerís permit. You should be represented by counsel. The prosecution will have to prove constructive possession, by establishing that you had knowledge of the alcohol and the ability to exercise dominion and control over it.

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