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    Unhappy Threatened With Assault Charge After an Incident With My Girlfriend

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georgia

    I am a college student at Georgia. Something just happened to me which might have legal consequances. I know almost nothing about related laws, and I am not even sure where exactly to get helps. Can you kindly help me or point me to some resources?

    The description of the issue is as below:

    My ex-girlfriend contacted me on Dec 20th afternoon, and we spent some time together. At nearly 1 am on Dec 21th, we were in my car outside her apartment. I asked her to get out of my car and go back home, but she refused to and put on the safety belt instead. After that we argued from 1 am until nearly 4 am. During the arguement, she kicked my seat from the back seat, then I went out of the car, opened the back door, unclicked her safe belt and tried to pull her out of the car. At that time, she claimed her leg was hurt and asked me to stop. I stoped. She cried and wanted to call police. I then apologized to her by all means, but she said she might just call the police and let me receive the legal consequences and left.

    After several hours, she called me to go to her car and asked me to apologzie to her. I did. Then she showed me a voice recorder, and told me she had already recorded our convesation as evidence. Then she asked me to do lots of things such as buy something for her. She also slapped my face as revenge.

    She is a Juris Doctor student, and I nearly know nothing about law. She threated me if she call police, I will be aressted, have a criminal record and sentenced into jail.

    My questions are:
    1. Is the action of pulling her from my car a serious criminal action, and what legal consequences I will get?
    2. Now I have some evidences that she have slapped me on my face. Will it help?
    3. She has the evidence I have pulled her out of my car, but I do not have the evidence that she kicked my seat. Will I fail if she sue me?

    Your help are highly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Threatened With Assault Charge After an Incident With My Girlfriend

    Whenever you lay hands on somebody without authorization, you run the risk of a battery (or, in the case of a girlfriend, domestic violence) charge.

    If she later slapped you, perhaps you can both be charged with your respective acts. We weren't there; I'm not going to speculate as to what the police will find credible or whether charges would follow. The longer the delay between the incident and a report, the less likely it is that the police will find cause to act.

    What do you imagine that she would sue you for? Did you cause serious injury? You made it sound like she was pretty much recovered by the time the incident ended.

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    Default Re: Threatened With Assault Charge After an Incident With My Girlfriend

    Thanks a lot for your help! I know I was totally wrong to put my hand on her for whatever reason, and I will never do it again. And I will keep far away from her if I can.

    I don't know what she would sue me for. She just told me she wanna revenge. Actually I am afraid that she won't tell the truth if she sue me. I didn't see any injury. She was wearing a legging. She showed me that there was a small hole on the legging, and told me there were some scrath on her leg. I think she may took a photo on her leg because she told me that she kept every evidence.

    She asked me to write a apologization for her and write what I should do for her, such as I should do whatever she wanna me to and if I want to find a new girlfriend I should ask for her pemmission. Now, she calls me everyday, abuse me and ask me to buy food, flower and chocolate for her. My friend told me it is kind of blackmail, but I am not sure about it.

    I think I am so stupid to pull her and to do whatever she asked me to do.

    Mr. Knowitall, your help is highly appriciated!

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    Default Re: Threatened With Assault Charge After an Incident With My Girlfriend

    DO NOT write a letter of apology.

    Keep copies of all correspondence to this date.

    Change your phone number(s) and email addy's asap. If you have FB, Myspace - close your current accounts and create new ones.

    Cease ALL contact with her. Do not respond to any contact she makes - but do keep copies of any attempts.

    I don't know more than what you have posted - but you may eventually go after a restraining order against her.

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    Default Re: Threatened With Assault Charge After an Incident With My Girlfriend

    Thanks, but I have already wrote that. I know I am so stupid.

    I just want to know if she calls the police, and the police come to arrest me. Should I tell them the whole truth or just keep silence and ask for a attorney.

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    Default Re: Threatened With Assault Charge After an Incident With My Girlfriend

    If the police comes to your door they are there to arrest you no matter what you say. So, should you talk to the polie and provide further evidence to be used against you in court? The cop will testify to anything you say (but will only testify to the bad things about you, not the good) & the judge will believe them .. your girl friend seems like a real lady. I don't see anything wrong with ejecting a person from your vehicle after you asked her to leave & she does not. Women always want revenge ...

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