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    Default Re: What's the Best Online Tool or System for Researching Case Law

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    I'm pro se and as broke as they come. If you Google and look for cases on Casetext, you can often read the case and copy and paste right from the page. Doesn't work though if you go to their website and try searching because then you'll get the pop up asking for a card. I also use Recap, a plugin for Google to revisit Pacer cases that are then sent to Court Listener. I think you can download documents that other's have purchased for free there.

    Free trials are great too!
    Of for ****'s sake...this thread is nearly nine years old! Stop it!

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    Default Re: Best Online Tool/System for Researching Case Law

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    These days Google Scholar is a decent source and it's free.
    Yes it is, and while it doesn't automatically flag cases that have been overruled at higher levels, it gives you the keys to do that with the "How cited" feature.

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