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    Question Accountant Mistake Caused Me Lose Money

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: NY
    2007 I hired a NYC accountant to prepare my 2006 tax return. I am NJ resident and I had CD interest income in a NYC bank. The accountant considered it as NY income so let me to pay tax to NY. But 2010 I received a letter from NJ state and asked me to pay $82 to NJ because interest is resident state income. I paid it and told this to the accountant. He made an adjustment form to NY for $250 credit refund. But NY State denied this claim because said it passed 2-year limitation. I email to the accountant, he just promised to call NY State, but he did nothing. I know he cannot change this result. My question is because of his mistake, I lost money, should he be responsible for this? What I can do?

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    Default Re: Accountant Mistake Caused Me Lose Money

    You can see if he'll reimburse you the money. In terms of a professional negligence claim, you appear to be looking at a three year statute of limitations, so your time may be up for filing - and with only $250 in damages the case is not going to interest a lawyer (except on an hourly basis, in which case you'll be deeper in the hole inside of two hours of legal work). You can also consider small claims court.

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