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    Default Fiance Being Held in Detention Center on Bond

    My fiance is being held in a detention center on $20,000 bond. She overstayed her H1B visa by 3 months. ICE officers came to our apartment to arrest her. About 2 months ago she was arrested on disorderly conduct. She was sentenced to 9 months probation. I have been calling ICE HQ to see if she has a court date set but none is set yet. I am assuming ICE came to get her because of the arrest. We were set to be married at the end of January. I have been hearing conflicting information on what action to take next. Should I bond her out of jail and marry her and apply for her to stay? Should she do a voluntary deportation? why would her bond be so high? Is there any way to reduce the bond? Please help. If you need more information about this please ask. I am desperate. I have not slept or eaten in 4 days because of this.

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    Default Re: Fiance Being Held in Detention Center on Bond

    Her bond is high because they fear she won't come back for the next stage in the process which is likely to be deportation. Marrying you will not be any great help to her at this point most likely. She's flirting with a ten year ban on reentry, she may get it down to three years. You need to run, don't walk, to an immigration attorney ASAP.

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