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    Default Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is Threatening to Attach Bank Accounts

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of: California

    I just got a letter forwarded to me today it is like four months old from the Franchise Tax Board.... anyways they say I owe money for a court-ordered debt..... they said to call the office who referred the debt so I called the county tax collector and they said they had no details and to call the county court.... so I did that and they claim that in 2002 when I had a criminal case that a public defender was assigned to me and so I owe related costs. I explained to the clerk that in that case I posted bail and the next day went to my one and only hearing and that the DA moved to dismiss my case due to lack of evidence and issues with witnesses.... I never once spoke to any public defender nor was I assigned one and yet the clerk is insisting I owe money and must pay.... I told them I dispute it and she seemed irritated and said something to the effect of this is not a consumer debt and there is no dispute process.

    So I am wondering what one does in a situation where this occurs?

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    Default Re: Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is Threatening to Attach Bank Accounts

    Nationally, it's unusual for attorney fees to be assessed for cases in which the prosecution is unsuccessful. You should have been given notice of any hearing at which attorney fees were assessed. You should review the court file to determine when and under what circumstances fees were assessed.

    How much are we talking about?

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