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    Default How to Correct Name of Father on My Own Birth Certificate

    My mother chose not to list my biological father's name on my birth certificate when I was born in 1968 (in New York State). Then, in 1970, she met another man whom she married. Though technically my step-father, he and my mother convinced the city clerk's office that he was in fact my biological father, and thus a revised birth certificate was issued 2 years after I was born. When I was a teenager, I learned I had a biological father who was not the man who had been raising me. While I continued to love and respect my step-father, I also developed a relationship with my biological father. Now, at the age of 42, I would like to have my birth records corrected. A couple of things further complicate the matter. First, my biological father no longer lives in the United States (nor is he a U.S. citizen). Second, earlier this year I had my name legally changed to the Spanish version of my original name (i.e. Michael to Miguel), and added my mother's maiden name by hyphenating it with my step-father's surname. My biological father has agreed to go through a DNA paternity test to legally prove he is my father. How and where do I start? I just want the legal records to be accurate.

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    Default Re: How to Correct Name of Father on My Own Birth Certificate

    Unfortunately it's not going to be that simple. Unless your biological father adopts you (an adult adoption), I cannot see a way of disestablishing your legal father's paternity at this point in time.
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    Default Re: How to Correct Name of Father on My Own Birth Certificate

    Where do you live now?

    Are your mother and the man listed on your birth certificate (whom you call your step dad) still alive?

    If so, does one of them agree to the change?

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