The company my husband works for has been sold and they are going to relocate all of the employees to the other side of the state (too far to compute daily) We are presently five months into Chapter 13 on a five year plan. We rent a double presently. What are our chances of renting a place in the new town, we are concerned about them running credit reports? Also, it is a whole lot more expensive in the area we are moving. Is there any chance we can get our plan ammended to adjust to the added expense? Also, we need to pay taxes on parts of the relocation package and it also will show up on our income - how will the trustee react to this? We are planning on contacting our lawyer here when we get the details on the relocation, but will he be up on the area we are moving to or will we need to contact a lawyer in the new area? Obviously, we are strapped for money, so we are trying to keep everything as status quo as possible, but we are a little scared of this move. There is no option to stay put.
Lost in Michigan