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    Default Prostitution Convictions

    I'm would be very grateful if anyone can give me any advice on this.

    I am 47 year old UK woman who back in 1978 in the UK was convicted of 3 charges of CPL ( common prostitute loitering) First two charges I recieved fines and the final one I was given a 12 month deferred sentence. Yes it was stupid of me and yes their were circumstances why I ended up in that position - but since that time ( 28 years ago) I have not so much as recieved a parking ticket. let alone any further criminal charges. I left that life far behind me.

    I am now very much in love with a USC ( he is fully aware of my past) and we wish to be married and for me to move to and reside in the USA. I have read what information there is available online but am still unable to determine if these charges given the rehab time period would still be considered relevant enough grounds to deny me access. I am aware of the waivers available for those with criminal records and I was hoping that I may well be considered a *reformed* character .

    I appreciate that I may well fall foul of the *moral turp* regulations but I am again hoping that the 28 year *rehab* period would help me in this respect.

    ANY advice on the best way to proceed on this would be very much welcomed.

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    Default Re: Prostitution Convictions

    You can find a lot answers on this web:

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    Default Re: Prostitution Convictions

    It's possible that they would fall under the petty offense exception, and thus not preclude immigration. If you are concerned about their impact on your immigration, you may wish to get help from an immigration lawyer before applying for a visa to help you devise a strategy for immigration.

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