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    Question Slip and Fall on Ice

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Illinois

    My mom works at a hospital in Illinois. She slipped and fell on ice in a parking garage after leaving work. She was clocked out; however she did fall in the parking garage which she is instructed to park in by the hospital. Also, she was recently told that the parking garage isnt actually owned my the hospital itself. Anyway, she ended up breaking her ankle badly, requiring surgery and a lengthy recovery. Is this a workman's comp or disability situation? Is the hospital liable to hold her job for more than 12 weeks? She is worried about a lot of these issues and isnt sure how it will play out.

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    Default Re: Slip and Fall on Ice

    In some states this would be workers comp; in others it would not. I don't know offhand whether Illinois is one of those states which considers the time between when the employee clocks out but before she leaves the premises to be workers comp or not but if she calls the workers comp board for the state they will be able to tell her.

    Barring a state law or legally binding contract that specifically says otherwise, 12 weeks is the maximum that any employer is required to hold an employee's job regardless of how legitimate the medical necessity for additional leave. To the best of my knowledge Illinois does not have such a law, unless there is something specific to workers comp claims. She can ask that of the workers comp board as well.

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