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    Question How to Interpret the Terminology On My Claim Closure

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Washington

    Hi there..
    I just recieved my SIF-5 report from Sedgwick and L&I
    I had a shoulder surgery in march and they will be closing my claim now.
    IME concluded that i have a 1% PPD due some loss of range.

    looking at this report they sent me it says in the remarks box:

    "please close claim with 1% LUE PPD."

    What does this mean? I've tried googleing it and come up with nothing...


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    Default Re: What Does This Wording Mean on My Claim Closure

    O.K. just finally figured it out Left Upper Extremity LUE...geez why can't they just say that?

    So does this mean I might get a settlement check?

    They did pay me $7400 in total time loss to cover my wages when i was out of work.
    I got my checks every week, and that was what they added up to.
    They paid me $119.94 for every day that i missed while rehabbing.

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