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    Default Ownership Through Articles of Association

    My question involves business law in the state of:


    I am about to incorporate a new business as an LTD.

    The business has investors, although i will continue to be 100 percent shareholder.

    The investors look to take a position by being able to nominate someone to the board of directors, through the company's articles of association.

    The question is, how would I go about doing this and what is the standard practice for this sort of case.
    What would be the wording for the articles of association.

    What can i do, if anything to limit 100 percent of liability, yet still own 100 percent of the shares.

    Many thanks in advance for the help.

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    Default Re: Ownership Through Articles of Association

    As you were told when you posted, laws vary by state.

    By "LTD" you mean "limited partnership"? How do you propose that your exposure would be "limited" if you're the sole owner and sole general partner?

    Nobody is going to write articles of incorporation for you for free, even less when you haven't bothered to inform us of your state or be clear about what type of entity you're talking about. Consider buying an appropriate corporations kit and working with the sample documents that are normally included in such a kit. Or hop over to your favorite search engine and see if you can turn up any articles of incorporation for your undisclosed state that you might be able to use as a model.

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