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    Default Can I Work in a Hospital with an Arrest Record

    My question involves a background check in the State of: NY

    I had an arrest record in 2006, because of shopping lift ( first time, and never had again). The case has been dismissed and expunged.

    I am going to attend the School of diagnostic medical sonography, and would like to become an Ultra Sound Tech. But Most of this kind of job will work in the hospital. I heard of , the hospital will need finger print for employeement. Can anyone with the experience can tell me, if the arrest record will be a problem for this kind of job in the hospital?

    Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Can I Working in a Hospital with an Arrest Record

    Things should be sealed something may come up,your not barred from working in a hospital and it helps that you were never convicted. It's up to the hospital thou.

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