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    Default How to Get My Money Back from a Contractor

    My question involves personal finance in the State of: Oklahoma

    I hired a general contractor to assist in recovery from a disastrous flood. He promised to complete a job within one month. He insisted on payment upfront of $14,000. With 2 days it became apparent that the workmanship was utterly unacceptable and proceeding at a snailís pace. The relationship was terminated. No written contract was ever signed. We requested the return of our funds minus what we calculated as the amount owed ($515).

    I have received a letter from him stating that he admits he needs to refund my money, however, on the phone he told me that the money went into a "general pool" and that he cannot repay at this time. I have asked for a time table and at least partial repayment as a sign of good faith, however he has not seen fit to contact me since. The complaint was filed with the Attorney General, however he never responded to the Attorney General or BBB.

    I donít have money to hire an attorney and if I go to a small court, I can get only $3,500, if I will be lucky to collect this money from him.
    Can I go to a big court and present my case to a judge without an attorney? The case is simple and I would like to get a judgment against this contractor.
    What would you recommend me to do?
    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: How to Get My Money Back from a Contractor

    How long ago did this happen? If not too long ago, you may want to try making a police report. I don't know about Oklahoma, but some states take a hard line on contractors who spend deposits that they are obligated to refund to their customers.

    You can sue him in a regular court if you can figure out the process. You may be able to find a practitioner's guide to collections cases, with sample pleadings and forms, at the county law library or an area law school library. Keep in mind that you will have to collect your judgment.

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    Default Re: How to Get My Money Back from a Contractor

    Many thanks for your reply.
    No, police doesn't deal with it.

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