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    Okay, here is my situation and I need some advice. I took out a credit card in 2001 with a credit Limit of $850. The credit account was sent to collections in 2001. Currently, it is June 16,2006 and my mom received a call at her home and her new husband received a call at his work on his voice mail saying that a law firm agency by the name of VRM was trying to contact me regarding the old account and I needed to call them. I called them and they were demanding $1300 immeadiately to settle the account from $1800. I tried to see about obtaining a loan from a family member but no one could help. I called them back and said that I didn't have the money and if I could work out a payment plan and they refused. I currently live in Charleston,SC and am a student. I have no assests other than a car that is valued at less than $1500 and my only job is work study through my college at the moment. I read that the South Carolina statute of limitations is 3 years to pursue an open accounts and 10 years on written agreements. I can not afford a lawyer and the collection agency that is contacting me through their "lawyer" is leaving me messages that they are going to bring a lawsuit against me for $1800.00. I made $2200.00 last year in income. What are their chances of getting anything out of me? I am not married but I live w/ my fiance who is my sole means of support right now. I am tired of the stress and wold love to get some answers! Can anyone tell me if I can use the SOL reasoning if they take me to court under South Carolina if the account went into collections in 2001 to get the case dismissed? With me being a student w/ a income from 2005 as $2200 and No ASSETs to my name, is there any chance the case will be throwed out? Any advice appreciated!

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    I am familar with the "firm." It is extremely unlikely that they will take you to court but they can harass you and also sell the debt to another agency which will continue to hound you. You will just have to put up with it. Do not make a small payment since that starts the SOL over. After seven years you can have it taken off your credit reprot.

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