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    Default Keeping a Cell Phone Number After Leaving a Job

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: NY

    I recently left my job (on my last two weeks now). I opened a cell phone account under the business for a new number about 5 years ago, the account later held myself and the owner of the firm and was paid by the firm. It is the only phone number I have and would hate to lose it, the company though, is not giving me the option.

    I was told my a friend that there are laws in some states that require an employer to let you port a cell phone number out to a personal account when you stop working for them. Is this true?


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    Default Re: Cell Phone

    Very very very very unlikely.

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    Default Re: Cell Phone

    I've never heard of any such law. Ask your friend to provide you with the statute number and/or the name of the case law.

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