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    Question Health Insurance and State Residency

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: California

    I am a 31 year old adult who has recently returned to California earlier this month. Before that I was out of the country attempting to gain permanent residency in Canada (by marriage because I married a Canadian national). After excessive delays and legal issues I was forced to return to my home country by exclusion order.

    California is the state I was born in, and my parents immigrated to live here. I have continued to put my parents' address as my permanent address while waiting for my immigration issues to resolve. I kept up a California drivers' license and bank account even while I was living abroad.

    Now to the question. I am attempting to get health insurance in California. However, I have not physically resided in California for more than a month, despite keeping up the Californian permanent address, driver's license, etc. Does this mean I currently am not a resident in ANY state, because I spent a few years out of the country?

    If that's the case, is there any way I can get insurance while I wait to be established as a resident? Are there any private companies that specialize in providing such insurance? I am in need of a doctor as I have not seen one for several years now, but cannot afford non-insured fees.

    Thank you for any help or advice you can provide.


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    Default Re: Health Insurance and State Residency

    If you abandoned your residency of California for a period of years in order to try to gain residency in Canada, then you were not a resident of California. You obviously were not a resident of any other state if you were living in Canada.

    If the insurance you are seeking has a residency requirement that you do not meet, then you will presumably either have to seek other insurance or wait until you qualify. You will find that there are dozens of companies in California that sell health insurance - start calling some of them to see what you can purchase.

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    Default Re: Health Insurance and State Residency

    I can only speak for the ins. co. I worked for & the major companies we did reinsurance with. We would require a 1 year residency in the US before we would offer coverage to an applicant. However, we did "sometimes" make an exception depending on the country where the applicant was
    residing previously. Canada was one of the exceptions. However, as Mr. K. said, you will have to call various companies or talk to an ins. broker who works for several companies & see what they can do for you.
    We were concerned about the country the OP was living in - that they might return there - there are countries that are currently dangerous & it's also hard to handle claims submitted from other countries. We weren't as concerned about Canada as some countries.

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