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    Default Will Credit Card Debt Affect Application for a Tourist Visa

    Hello, i used to live in FL for about 4 years (2001 -2005) with a student visa. In that amount of time, I accumulated a great deal of debt on my Bank of America card ($8000). I was able to get a Social Security due to the fact that I moved pre 9/11 and they were still handing those out to foreigners.

    About 3 years ago I had to move back home (central america) and about 1 yr ago due to financial difficulties I had to stop paying my card (payment was about $250/month) to pay more important things such as food and housing back in my home country.

    I have a 10 yr tourist visa that is set to expire on 2014, I wanted to know if this debt with a credit card company can stop me from getting my tourist visa renewed once I apply in a few years?


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    Default Re: Will Credit Card Debt Affect Application for a Tourist Visa

    Credit card debt is a civil matter, and should have no impact on your eligibility for a visa.

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