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    Default Leasing Office Trying to Double Rent Apartment

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: FL

    My 7-month lease is ending however my roommate did not give a proper 60 day notice. The leasing office at my apartment wanted us to be pay rent until Dec. 24 in order to cover the 60 day requirement. They told me that if I could find someone to move in by the 1st of Dec., it would release us from being responsible for the rent any longer. I posted an ad on Craigslist and as luck would have it, someone contacted me about the apartment. The issue is that the person who contacted me said they went to the leasing office, paid the application fee and deposit and would be moving in the 15th. They did all of this before seeing my ad. It turns out my leasing office is renting MY apartment (the person told me the apartment number and everything) to someone after telling me that I would still have to pay them rent for the month of December. Are they allowed to do that? I can stay until the 24th of Dec. Yet, they have someone set to move in on the 15th. Are they still allowed to collect rent from me even though they already have the apartment rented? If we had given a 60 day notice, we would have been moving out on the 30th of Nov and the apartment would have needed about 2 weeks to be prepped for the next tenant so the complex is not losing any money. I just want to know my options and if legally they are allowed to charge me rent even though they have someone else ready to move in.

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    Default Re: Leasing Office Trying to Double Rent Apartment

    If you told the landlord that you would be moving out by Dec. 1, and that you were trying to get a replacement roommate by Dec. 1, they may have thought this was in full accord with your wishes.

    I cannot read your lease from here, and you'll need to review the provisions relating to the notice requirement and move-out date. I expect that with a new tenant approved to move in on the 15th, you would only owe rent through that date.

    Talk to your landlord.

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