Hello All,

I have a situation where-as a collection agency as either aquired or has been assigned my default credit card debt from Chase bank. The CA has sued me, I have answered the summons and at the moment we are in the middle of discovery and so on. They are using an attorney in the Phoenix, AZ area. My question is: I have a job offer that is contigent on removing this open collection account from my credit report. The balance is about $10k (was $8.500, but due to interest and fees, its not over $10k actually). The job is a great offer and I don't want ot lose it. My timeframe is only about 30 days to have this cleared up. What is the best approach here in attempting to get this CA to drop the case and possible settle for $6 or $7k? That's all I can spare at the moment.

Appreciate your input..